About Our District

North Nottinghamshire has a distinct character and identity, with many stories to tell and fantastic experiences to be had.


A regionally important area with rich cultural, social and historic significance that make it one of the UKs most invigorating places to work and visit. A hidden gem of a place, we have stories about Robin Hood and the Mayflower Pilgrims, ice-age man, and the industrial revolution.

But our story is not just about history, myths and legends, it’s about our businesses. Combining rich history and cutting-edge future, North Nottinghamshire is fast becoming one of the best places to do business in the region. With home-grown companies such as multi-nationals including Laing O’Rourke, Premier Foods and Greencore through to small independent businesses and country estates, they all have one thing in common – pride of place.

About Our District


North Notts businesses enjoy and thrive on being in such a central UK location. From start-up business to an existing employer we have room for you to establish yourself and grow. Working with a wide range of partners we can also provide exciting opportunities for major investment in the area.
About Our District


A great place to live with affordable property, a relaxing lifestyle, great outdoor leisure experiences and so much more.

There’s a wide choice of housing from upmarket developments to country cottages, apartments to established family estates at prices that offer great value. With friendly and welcoming communities, it’s a safe place to live, bring up your family and a place to truly call home.

About Our District


North Nottinghamshire is renowned for Sherwood Forest, the historic Major Oak and the legend of Robin and his Merry Men. But we have far more stories than simply Robin. Our area was home to the men who initiated the emigration of the Pilgrim Fathers who played such an important role in the development of the USA. The area surrounding Worksop is known as the ‘Dukeries’ after the unusually close proximity of four historic ducal seats.