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    As the UK’s first area-wide place-shaping BID, all eyes are on us. A BID will enable us to put North Nottinghamshire on the map as a ‘go to’ destination that is easily accessible to visitors and local businesses alike.


As the UK’s first area-wide, place- shaping BID, all eyes are on us. A BID will enable us to put North Nottinghamshire on the map as a ‘go to’ destination that is easily accessible to visitors and local businesses alike.

Place Identity and Marketing

  • Produce individual ‘Place Plans’ to identify the assets, strengths, needs and potential areas of improvement for the different locations within North Nottinghamshire, enabling you to have a say in the future of your town, village, business park and a direct involvement in how the money is invested and spent locally.
  • Create and deliver a strong marketing strategy, including print and media marketing campaigns, to promote North Nottinghamshire locally and nationally as a destination of choice.
  • Introduce a dedicated website with online business directory to showcase the assets of the area, encourage inter-trading and highlight local offers and promotions for our businesses, employees, visitors, residents and shoppers alike.
  • Work with business communities to retain and promote the culture, heritage, individuality and distinctiveness of each of our unique areas as well as our independent businesses.
  • Support partners to promote the Mayflower Pilgrims’ 400th anniversary in 2020.
  • Work with the respective business forums to produce a co-ordinated seasonal retail and leisure campaign to drive footfall into our towns.
  • Support in the development of local events and days out guides and maps.
  • Work with partners to showcase the North Nottinghamshire area and our businesses to potential investors and regional, national and international markets to ensure that we are recognised as a place to do business.

As You Arrive

  • Ensure that the North Nottinghamshire, Bassetlaw district boundary and key gateways for each town, village and business park are clearly defined and create a clear and distinctive welcome for all through new quality signage and landscaping.
  • Reinforce our North Notts brand and place identity by introducing alternative and inspiring artwork, iconic imagery and contemporary sculptures on major road networks and railway stations.


Visitors come to the area for a variety of reasons – some of which are not clearly connected to one another. The Visitor and Tourist Economy will be boosted by offering a well-connected package of events and experiences to encourage more people, more often, staying longer and spending more. The economic facts are clear. A day visitor (someone who stays for more than 3 hours) spends around £35 per visit and an overnight staying visitor spends around £150 per visit.

  • We will establish a partnership between business, arts, heritage, leisure and destinations to maximise the economic impact of tourists, visitors and residents.
  • We will join forces with regional tourism partners to:
    • understand what attractions there are in the district, including heritage, arts, events and attractions.
    • see how they link to wider attractions outside our area (e.g. Lincoln, York).
    • examine how visitors come to the area (car, rail, bus).
    • package together attractions which appeal to different groups (shoppers, religious tourism, business tourism).
    • develop a suite of packages from accommodation, maps and guides.
  • We will work with partners to maximise the benefit which the 400th anniversary of Mayflower setting sail for the New World brings to the district. We will also create a lasting local legacy to promote the Mayflower Roots’ story.
  • We will work to the place-based theme of Storyscape by creating a lasting tourism offer around our stories – the Mayflower Pilgrims origins being one, Robin Hood and The Ducal Estates being others.
  • We will host an annual story-based festival each year in line with the council’s tourism strategy.


If you would like to know more about the UK’s first ever area-wide BID, for information about joining us as a voluntary member or for any other enquiries please do feel free to contact us:



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