Shopping Safely in North Notts

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Now that the lockdown rules are easing and the shops in North Notts are open for business, we appreciate that some people may be worried about how to visit safely and the social distancing implications. Click here to also download our Open For Business Poster.

It is crucial that everyone supports our local retailers by shopping locally, but we also appreciate that you may have concerns about safety as we start to embrace the ‘new normal.

To help you make a decision on when to visit and/or shop in the town, we are delighted to announce that you can now use our space monitoring technology which will show you how exactly how busy the local high streets are before you make your journey.

This data is refreshed every 5 minutes ensuring that you have the most up-to-date information on how many people there are at given points within the town centres.  There is also a chart highlighting hourly trends so that you can identify out when the busiest times are in order to plan your trip to support your local retail stores. 

The four town centres are:

Worksop Town Centre: https://worksop.geo-sense.co.uk

Retford Town Centre: https://retford.geo-sense.co.uk

Harworth Town Centre: https://harworth.geo-sense.co.uk

Tuxford Town Centre: https://tuxford.geo-sense.co.uk

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Download the ‘Open For Business’ Poster to display in your store or online: Open For Business Poster