Reducing the risk of suicide

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A toolkit for employers.

Bassetlaw Community and Voluntary Service (BCVS) as part of their ‘Suicide Prevention Strategy’ are wanting to encourage North Notts businesses to use the PHE ‘Guidance on Reducing the Risk of Suicide: A toolkit for Employers’. 

BCVS want businesses to join the Public Health England‘s Mission which is supported by the Samaritans.

“Our mission is to help employers reduce the risk of suicide.

  • This resource supports senior leadership, line managers, HR and occupational health and safety professionals identify a member of staff who may have suicidal feelings and gives practical advice on how to deal with a crisis situation.
  • This toolkit will help embed suicide prevention strategies in your organisation’s health and well-being policies, guide your approach to supporting those at risk and act as a resource to provide support across the workforce.
  • This resource forms part of the Business in the Community/ Public Health England suite of mental health and well-being toolkits”

Download the Wellbeing Toolkit

Important Notice:

“This toolkit is designed to help organisations adopt a strategy to reduce the risk of a suicide that will have an impact on the workplace. In this context, the term ‘workplace suicide’ is understood to be a suicide in or outside the workplace, which may involve an employee or contractor, or a family member or close friend of an employee or contractor. It may also concern a significant customer or supplier, or a person who is important to the organisation, such as a union representative.”