North Notts BID Waste Management Service

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North Notts BID Waste Management – Saving Service.

As part of the Saving Service initiative BID Members can access the Waste Management Service at no additional cost to the business.

This is an opportunity for businesses to save money on the costs in disposing company waste, with the reassurance that the companies collecting the waste have a zero-to-landfill waste service.

North Notts BIDs project objectives are to ensure that North Notts businesses are contributing to reducing the amount of waste trucks travelling through the area, whilst reducing the amount waste collection costs to the BID members.

It is important that we ensure North Notts is environmentally aware and that businesses are collectively working together towards reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills and are increasing recycling levels within the district. 

To access this BID Member Service contact the BID Ambassadors on – ambassadors@northnottsbid.co.uk 




 North Notts Bid Waste Management Service