£1 Million is up for grabs!


£1 million is up for grabs in North Nottinghamshire and across the Sheffield City Region (SCR) for businesses in rural industries to grow and boost the local economy.Food processors, tourism infrastructure and rural businesses that want to develop are all eligible to apply for the Growth Fund grants from the Rural Development Programme for England of £35,000 up to £500,000 – but must get an ‘Expression of Interest’ in by 31st May.

Priority projects for the SCR in the food processing sector include ideas for exporting, new techniques and processes, increasing productivity, and creating the equivalent of one full-time job for each £25,000 of grant. In the business development area, it is also looking for ideas that allow farming ventures to diversify into non-agricultural activities, create new services and / or make new products.

For tourism infrastructure grants the SCR will prioritise capital investments which create year-round work instead of seasonal jobs, create opportunities for the young and unemployed, bring more visitors to the area, create or develop infrastructure for outdoor activities, and create new or upgrade visitor accommodation. The grants, which businesses have to put a proportion toward, are applied for on the website: www.gov.uk/government/publications/rdpe-growth-programme.

The website carries clearly written information on applying including the type of grant available, who is eligible, and the Expression of Interest application form.

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