BID Member Spotlight – Penrose Mill


Founded in 2006, Retford based Penrose Mill are one of the UK’s most prominent makers of Alpaca and Natural fibre bedding. Their team is 90% female and leading the force is Denise, the original Dream Weaver. The team consist of incredibly talented, dedicated, and inspiring craftswomen that make Penrose the innovative, dynamic, and sustainably mindful company that it is.

Penrose Mill pride themselves upon creating the highest quality products at accessible prices, whilst still honouring their core values of sustainable, ethically made products. They actively identify and implement eco-friendly methods of manufacturing, striving to reuse, recycle and reduce all of their leftover raw materials.
As one of the leading natural fibre bedding manufacturers in the UK they are firm advocates for creating bespoke, sustainable sleep solutions. Alpaca wool is one of the most ethical products available and is completely eco-friendly throughout its production, they state “we ensure all of our natural fibres are responsibly and sustainably sourced, collecting our alpaca wool and fibre directly ourselves”.

Penrose are a multi award winning company for their commitment to sustainability and are proud to offer their clients responsible and ethical options, “we’re committed to helping your conscience sleep as comfortably as you do in our bedding. We were also one of the first bed makers to offer a Vegan range, launching Sleep Vegan® in 2020, which uses a blend of sustainable natural fibres from ethical sources, including those extracted from eucalyptus leaves, kapok trees, banana, cotton, and pineapple plants.”

Their show room recently reopened in 2022 and offers people the unique opportunity to design their own sustainable, luxury sleep experience. Visitors to Penrose will have the opportunity to design their complete sleep experience from the bed up. “We make beds, mattresses, toppers, bedding protectors, duvets, pillows, and linens, absolutely everything you need for the perfect night’s sleep. We offer our clients a unique opportunity to tailor make everything, choosing the fibres, finishing fabrics, and even specifying exact measurements so it all fits perfectly.”

If you’re in the market for any luxury bedding or soft furnishings, look no further than Penrose Mill. As we spend half of our life in bed, why not invest in the very best furnishings?

Check out Penrose Mill’s products at www.penroseproducts.com