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BID Member Spotlight – National Kidney Federation (NKF)

National Kidney Federation are a non-profit organization based in Shireoaks, Worksop. The charity is extremely unique for the reason it is run by kidney patients, for kidney patients. This allows for the users of the services to be always at ease, as they can relate to someone who has gone through similar experiences. The main objectives of NKF are campaigning for improvements to renal provision and treatment, and national patient support services. Both of which they excel in.

As mentioned previously, NKF invest a large portion of time into campaigning for change. After lobbying in parliament, the NKF managed to achieve an All-Party Parliamentary Kidney Group of over 60 MPs and Lords established in Parliament and they feed information to that group on a day-to-day basis. They maintain close communication with Ministers and Department of Health to ensure the awareness continues to grow.

Alongside campaigning, NKF proudly provide excellent Patient Support Services to millions of people a year. Their website is considered a hub for the renal community, which is reflected upon the 1,000,000 visitors worldwide every year. The website provides real, detailed information on patient’s conditions, as well as putting other patients in touch with each other to provide support.

The NKF also provide another life changing service, a FREE National Kidney Patient’s helpline. The phone line receives 200 calls a week from patients, carers, and healthcare professionals.

The amount of time and effort that goes into operations does not go a miss. It is evident the team are passionate for change and helping the community. This is demonstrated with their yearly event they host, which is a 2-day event which attracts 250 renal patients. The NKF exists solely on the generosity of the sponsors and supporters of the charity. Despite their efforts, money is always tight. Any amount of donation or volunteering is greatly appreciated and contributes to improving thousands of people’s quality of life every year.

Keep up to date with The National Kidney Federation https://www.kidney.org.uk/