BID Member Spotlight – National Fluid Power Centre (NFPC)

The National Fluid Power Centre (NFPC) is the UK’s lead provider in specialist short Integrated Engineering Courses, covering hydraulics, pneumatics, and electronics. The centre is a hidden gem based in the heart of Worksop, Bassetlaw. The vision for the centre came to fruition in 1998 by John Savage, who then later went on to open the centre after the plot of land was approved in 2000, being established on Turner Road for almost 25 years.

John Savage, founder of the NFPC, comes from an engineering background himself having worked in the mining industry and trained as a Mining Mechanical Engineer. After the decline of mining in 1979, John’s ambitions of transferring his skills led him to start the ‘North Notts Fluid Power Centre’ as a one-man band in Langold, Worksop. Due to remarkable success and continued growth, more staff was hired to share a greater wealth of knowledge to the public, growing to a team of 4-5 by the 1990’s. The business grew strength to strength, with the centre working with trade associates to get the new and existing centre built, which is now lead by 15 intellectual employees. The initial aim to support works of the UK workforce (increasing knowledge, skills and competency) has expanded rapidly to training people from all over the world. They are supported by over 60 national and international companies, who form the NFPC Advisory and Strategic Planning Group. Examples include Parker, Balluff, Hydac Technologies, Bosch Rexroth and many more.

The NFPC is accessed from people all over the world, who visit for the real hands-on, practical element of the training. They provide training to a range of very established companies, looking at around 25 a month. Their success is based upon their ability to be flexible with the training which they provide, exceeding customer’s needs and expectations by slightly modifying certain courses and equipment to provide the most effective training. They are very responsive to feedback and enquiries, understanding the importance of getting people booked in urgently to meet a company’s needs. Before booking in at the NFPC, online assessments are available through their website. This allows you to check your current knowledge levels to ensure that they are starting at the relevant starting point on the progression routes. Over 1,000 people use this service yearly.

On Wednesday 23rd October, the NFPC will be holding another one of its successful Industry Exhibitions, which is available for anyone to visit for free. Over 60 companies will be exhibiting on the day, sharing insightful knowledge of the industry. The day will consist of lectures, physical demonstrations, and so much more. Mark the date in your calendar now to avoid disappointment!

The centre really is an asset to Bassetlaw, providing training worldwide via webinars and hands-on demos. Their team is utterly amazing, made up of outstanding and loyal staff. The facilities are also unmatched, unlike anything you will have seen before. If you would like to book a visit to discuss your businesses training needs, contact John Savage to organise a tour by emailing jsavage@nfpc.co.uk or calling 01909504539. Check them out on LinkedIn and on their website – https://www.nfpc.co.uk