Support Retford’s Charter Day

Charter Day 2018

A message on the behalf of the Charter Day Committee.

The Charter Day Committee are looking for help with donations or volunteers for this year’s event, please read their message below. 

Charter Day 2019

“Planning is now underway for Charter Day 2019 on this day, as in the past years approx. 20,000 people have visited the Town for this event.

We hope this again will be possible in spite of more safety regulations that we must have each year which ultimately means more expense to pay i.e. Ambulance, Paramedic, First Responders, Road Closures,

Insurance and qualified Security Staff. No doubt this year more will be necessary.

In view of this the committee are asking if you would help us in any way either by helping on the day with various tasks or perhaps with a donation towards one of the services that must be financed.

Thank You Best Wishes,

From the Chairman.”

If you would like to help or get involved then don’t hesitate to contact Richard Strickson – Email: richardstrickson@hotmail.co.uk Tel: 01777 706530