Fill your time in doors by starting a free course

RNN Training College are expanding their remote engagement strategy with employers.

The COVID-19 Lockdown has many people with some unexpected time on their hands. Make the most of coronavirus isolation (self-imposed or otherwise) by learning something new and gaining a qualification.  

This is ideal for staff who have been furloughed or stuck in Lockdown. RNN Training College will provide resources for all of the courses listed below.  There is no cost unless the course is not completed.

Please feel free to share this as it is can benefit many.

All courses are CACHE a level 2 qualification:

☑️ Working with People with Mental Health Needs

☑️ Common Health Conditions

☑️ Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities

☑️ Understanding Children & Young People’s Mental Health

☑️ End of Life Care

☑️ Awareness of Mental Health Problems

☑️ Nutrition & Health

☑️ Safeguarding & Prevent

☑️ Falls Prevention Awareness

☑️ Understanding Behaviour that Challenges

☑️ Understanding Dignity & Safeguarding in Adult Social Care

☑️ Care & Management of Diabetes

☑️ Principles of Dementia Care

☑️ Prevention & Control of Infections in Health Care

☑️ Equality & Diversity

☑️Principles of Customer Service

☑️ Safe Handling of Medicines

☑️ Information, Advice & Guidance

☑️ Understanding Autism

☑️ Lean Organisation Management Techniques

☑️ Team Leading

☑️ Care Planning

If anyone wants any further info on each course, just let them know!!

All courses are free of charge (subject to eligibility below), however, if you fail to complete the course then you will be charged £120 which covers the cost of the learning materials and an enrollment administration charge.

Eligibility Checklist:

If you have been an EU resident for the past 3 years and can say YES to one of the following then you are eligible for free training:

  • I am aged 24 or above (either unemployed and employed)
  • I am aged between 19 and 23 and already have a full Level 2 qualification
  • I am aged 19+ and unemployed

If you wish to go ahead email the following information:

State must state that you are a North Notts BID Member

Full Name

Email address


Postal address (for the learner pack)

One of their team will then guide you through enrollment.

Contact Details:

Sean Ibrahim

Skills Consultant

M: 07967 421882