The DISC database and app was introduced to BID levy payers and voluntary BID members in April 2021 in order to share intelligence, manage banning schemes efficiently, enhance security awareness, increase engagement levels, communicate with members and provide a link to Police and other DISC users.

This will deter and prevent crimes like shoplifting, theft and violence in order to create safer shopping and business environments for both the day and night-time economies.

DISC is free to BID members. Non-BID members also have the opportunity to sign up to Disc for an annual fee of just £25.


  • Reporting – incidents, images, crime, witness statements
  • Offenders – Prolific, unidentified and excluded. Mugshot galleries.
  • Exclusions – multiple banning schemes as required: e.g. daytime, night-time or area-specific….
  • Output reports of individual offenders for police, CPS etc
  • Rough Sleepers etc
  • My Premises – members can maintain their own incident log or store-level exclusion schemes on their own private pages

The accepted estimate is that between 40-60% of all crime affecting business (more specifically retail business) goes unreported.

Business routinely gather information about losses and loss prevention incidents, they often detain offenders, record their details (including taking a picture if CCTV hasn't recorded one) for a civil prosecution or claim and then serve the offender with a banning order.

This means that businesses are storing intelligence and information. An offender may be known to an entire high street yet only have been reported to the Police once. This means that the Police treat them as a low-risk offender if they are detained and consequently any treatment will be comparatively mild and runs the risk of alienating or souring the relationship between Police and Businesses.

DISC (Database and Intranet for Safer Communities) Intelligence sharing platform offers businesses the opportunity to report on incidents, discuss known offenders, be aware and spot developing crime trends and to deal pro-actively with issues such as stock loss and anti-social behaviour. Members will have the opportunity to learn at first hand some of the key issues affecting their community as well as to take an active role in reducing crime levels. DISC produces a weekly newsletter for all members and has a facility to Alert all members of an imminent problem.

In addition, the NNBCRP DISC secure dedicated website serves as a vital tool for distributing information quickly and simply across the partnership area to members, providing them with up-to-date information on known offenders, who's on the banned lists, the latest scams, specific offences, county lines, terrorism, what's happening locally and alerts!


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